Mouth Wash Sea Salt 100ml Jaris
Mouth Wash Sea Salt 100ml Jaris
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Mouth Wash Sea Salt 100ml Jaris
Mouth Wash Sea Salt 100ml Jaris

Mouth Wash Sea Salt 100ml Jaris

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Mouth Wash Sea Salt 100ml Jaris

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The Ingredients

Miswak extracts
The smell of mint
Sodium fluoride
Sodium benzoate

The Uses

- Most people use Jaris Miswak Mouthwash to get fresh, clean breath and eliminate bad odors
- Although brushing and flossing the teeth removes a large part of the food residue, but there is a good part of the food residue that will still float in your mouth. So mouthwash removes stuck food residue
- Contains fluoride that kills bacteria that cause cavities and tooth decay.
It helps to strengthen the enamel of the teeth, as the absorption of fluoride in the enamel is greater after brushing and flossing
- Works to reduce tooth sensitivity
- Mouthwash with miswak works to eliminate bacteria that cause gum disease.
- Reduces the problem of dry mouth
- Safely and effectively whitens teeth.

The addition of miswak extracts leads to many benefits, including:
Fights plaque
Fights gum disease
Preventing existing tooth decay from getting worse
It contains minerals such as chloride, sodium bicarbonate and potassium
Strengthens the enamel of your teeth, Leaves you with a healthy mouth

How to use

Use 15ml of undiluted mouthwash, and rinse for 15 seconds

The Description

-  Natural and pure product
-  Non-alcoholic
-  Gives you a natural recovery
-  Kills germs
-  Fights lime and cavities
- Eliminates mouth odor
-  Protects teeth and gums
-  It gives you the benefits of miswak in one rinsing
-  Produced according to Malaysian quality, health and safety standards
-  Produced by Garis Company. Country of origin: Malaysia
-  Use Garis Miswak Mouthwash for a cleaner mouth, healthier gums, and fresher breath
-  Mouthwash with miswak for natural freshness
-  The size of the package is suitable for all circumstances and conditions, as it is suitable before prayers, after meals, when traveling, on trips,


- Do not swallow
- External use only


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