Facial Whitening Cream For Women 55ml Bio Balance

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Facial Whitening Cream For Women 55ml Bio Balance


The Ingredients

-  Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extract
-  Vitamin C
-  Niacinamide
-  Vitamin E
-  Panthenol

The Uses

-  Helps lighten facial skin
-  Works to solve melasma and freckles problems
-  Helps reduce pigmentation and even skin tone
-  Reduces the appearance of blemishes on the skin
-  Moisturizes the skin and gives it suppleness and softness

How to use

After cleansing the skin, massage gently and evenly over the entire face and neck.
The process is repeated twice a day.
It is recommended to use it daily and continuously on the skin to get the best results.
The capacity of the package is 55 ml

The Description

- Contains antioxidants that protect the skin from signs of aging
- It contains safe materials in studied proportions and is suitable for daily use
- Free of parabens, petroleum and paraffin products
- Tested by dermatologists
- A high-quality factory for Bio Balance Cosmetic Products
- Country of origin: Istanbul / Turkey
Some factors (such as: advanced age, frequent exposure to the sun, or the passage of some health conditions such as acne or pregnancy and childbirth), may affect the purity of your skin and cause some pigmentation to appear on your face. If you suffer from discolored skin, pigmentation, or from melasma and freckles, the Facial Whitening Cream For Women product from BioBalance is for you. As it contains a distinctive combination of:
1. Licorice extract: which helps whiten and lighten the skin naturally
2. Vitamin C: which helps reduce black spots and pigmentation of the skin, as it nourishes the skin and gives it a smooth texture and a clear appearance.
3. Niacinamide: It is a form of vitamin B3 that works to reduce the appearance of blemishes and maintain healthy skin
4. Vitamin E and panthenol: they are considered effective moisturizing and soothing substances, and they work to give the skin elasticity and superior softness, and contribute to stimulating the skin to produce collagen, which gives it a more youthful and vibrant appearance.
This effective product from Bio Balance was created and produced by specialized experts with more than 30 years of experience in preparing pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. When you use the face whitening cream for women regularly, you will enjoy whiter and clearer skin, uniform in color and smooth, free from pigmentation and annoying spots.


- Keep cap tightly closed after each use.
- For external use only
- Keep the product at room temperature
- Keep the product out of the reach of children
- Avoid contact with eyes.
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