- Aloe Vera leaf extract
- flax seed extract
- Castor oil  


- It fixes the appearance of the hair
- Strengthens hair follicles
- Paraben-free, manufactured within local manufacturing standards , Manufacture by Dr.Hilo natural product / Jordan.


How to use

An appropriate amount is placed on the hair, styled appropriately, and left to dry, so that the hair takes a firm texture , Bottle capacity is 200ml  
This gel consists mainly of natural aloe vera, which contains a substance (alloin) This active substance has a great effect in direct stimulation of hair growth Therefore, this gentle gel with a strong effect not only fixes the hair and gives it an attractive appearance, but also helps to stop hair loss, strengthens and softens the hair, which is an excellent alternative to commercial gels  


- Avoid contact with eyes Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
- Close cap tightly after each use
It is recommended to read the instructions, warnings and recommendations of the product before use and do not rely only on the information provided by us and consider the storage conditions of the products by adhering to their shelf life Any error resulting from not following the instructions is not the responsibility of Herbal Dynasty company
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