- Propolis Extract
- Glycerin

 The Uses

- Helps protect the skin

- Relieves burns

- Contributes to protecting the skin from fungal and bacterial infections

- Used as a moisturizer and cleanser for the skin

- Natural, free of synthetic, harmful and carcinogenic substances, free of artificial colors, manufactured within local manufacturing standards.
 Produced by Dr. Hilo for Cosmetic Products – Jordan

How to Use

A thin layer of the cream is applied to the affected area, gently massaged and left until absorbed.

The package contains 50 ml.


In the world of natural products, propolis comes the first (brighten up!!!), as it an amazing substance produced by bees; it contains more than 300 compounds of active substances and antioxidants. Many experiments and studies indicated the effectiveness of propolis and its contribution to fighting various infections, whether external oral infections or various skin infections because it contains anti-viral, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial components. It also has a role in preventing sores from inflammation and accelerating their recovery, in addition to its effective role in moisturizing the skin and alleviating the problems of eczema and dry skin. Propolis is a natural and safe alternative to maintain the health of your skin and its purity from infections of all kinds


- This product may cause skin sensitivity in some people, so test a small amount of it on the skin and make sure it does not irritate it.

- Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

- Close the cap tightly after each use

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