Affiliate Marketing Program

Affiliate Marketing Program

Welcome, our valued customers, our partners in success. Earn and multiply your profits with the Herbal Dynasty Affiliate Program.

Commission (10%) that can be increased according to the marketer’s performance

The commission that the marketer will receive will be (10%) of the promoted product price or of the total order value.

Marketing method for our online store products

Publishing link or marketing link: It is a link given to the marketer through which the marketer can market any of the products in the online store through funded ads or publishing it through his social media platforms or other marketing methods.

How to join the program?

You can register and join the program by entering the following link (affiliate account registration link)

And fill out all the fields that appear in front of you, which are related to personal data and the method of paying the amounts due (the marketer's profits), knowing that the only payment method available in our store is "bank transfer".

How to get the marketing link

Upon successful registration in the program, the marketer can choose one of the products he wants to promote and target the appropriate audience who is looking for this product.

When choosing one of the products that will be promoted (written in the field designated for product selection), an automatic link will be generated that the marketer will use to publish and promote, bearing in mind that all orders received through this link will be rewarded to the marketer, meaning that the marketer’s profits will be 10% of the value of the total order. And not just the chosen product.

Earning mechanism

The marketer gets directly his profits due on the 7th of every month, provided that the profits are not less than 50 dinars as a minimum.

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