The Ingredients
  • Water
  • Mint
The Benefits
In addition to its refreshing mint scent and delicious flavour, distilled mint water has many health benefits, including:
  • Ancient times knew the properties of mint water to calm the nerves, reduce stress and insomnia, and it also calms migraines.
  • Suitable for topical use on the skin to remove dark spots and even skin tone
  • A common use of mint distilled water is to stop diarrhea.
  • Getting rid of gases and relieving flatulence and acidity.
How to use
  • Recommended doses: One tablespoon per day, by adding it to a cup of water or tea and drinking it, or depending on the advice of a healthcare provider.
  • You can use it in herbal aromatherapy
  • Suitable for topical use on the skin and skin
  • Approximate bottle size: 250 ml
The Description
  • Distilled mint water (first toast)
  • Organic product, natural, 100% pure
  • Free from preservatives, artificial colors, and artificial flavourings
  • Product according to Jordanian quality, health and safety standards by Fruits Company / country of origin: Jordan
  • Distillation is an ancient technique in which the leaves, flowers, or grains of aromatic plants are evaporated so that the vapor carries with it the maximum amount of essential oils and minerals. And fumigation ensures obtaining the highest concentration of active substances that are extracted from plants and herbs.
  • Keep in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight
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