Laurel Distilled Water 200ml Mayasem

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Laurel Distilled Water 200ml Mayasem


Laurel Distilled Water  

The benefits

- It is used as a flavoring in cooking
- It has a role in relieving digestive 
- it has Antiparasitic effect

How to use

2-3 tablespoons daily before meals, or a tablespoon when needed
The package contains 250 ml  
- Natural
- free from preservatives, flavorings or artificial colors
- manufactured within local manufacturing standards
- Produced by Mayasem Company , made in jordan
Laurel water is distilled water extracted from laurel leaves
It has many uses, it can be used in cooking as a flavoring for food and as a softener for meat It also has a role in treating digestive disorders, so it helps and facilitates the digestion process Some studies have indicated that it has anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties, so it contributes to the elimination of H.pylori and the detoxification the digestive system  
We offer you laurel distilled water, as distillation is an ancient technique in which the leaves or flowers of the aromatic plant are evaporated to carry the steam with it the largest amount of essential oils, minerals and active substances found in the plant That is away from spoilers, and then use it in cooking, medicine or perfuming


- Keep away from direct sunlight at a temperature below 30 degrees
- Close the package tightly after each use
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