Honey Nose Nasal Spray Kids 15ml

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Honey Nose Nasal Spray Kids 15ml

The Ingredients

-  Propolis extract
-  Lavender extract
-  Pure water
-  Sodium chloride salt
-  Glycerin
-  Sodium benzoate salt
-  Polysorbate
-  Polyethylene glycol ( PEG400 )

The Uses

-  It is recommended to purify and clean the nose from blockage and congestion
-  It has a soothing and calming effect due to the fact that it contains propolis and lavender extract.
-  Contributes to giving a feeling of freshness and comfort
-  Fast and immediate effect and effectiveness

How to use

Shake the packaging before use. Open the cap and spray the spray into each nostril
Adults use 3 to 4 times daily or as needed.
The package contains 15 ml of liquid

The Description

-  Non-alcoholic
-  Contains natural and effective extracts
-   High quality factory, registered by the Food and Drug Administration
-   Produced by Advanced Pharmaceutical Industries, Salt / Jordan

In the seasons of diseases and viruses, and in some seasons, many people may suffer from a stuffy nose and the inability to breathe properly, which causes them a feeling of discomfort and constant discomfort.
Honey Nose is a spray ( Nasal spray ) Effectively used to relieve congestion and blockage a runny nose or the flu,
Nasal obstruction occurs when the nasal tissues and nearby tissues and blood vessels swell with an increase in the amount of fluid inside the nose, causing the inability to pass air through the nose or the inability to breathe easily.
We offer you this product, which consists of a distinct formula, as it contains:
- Propolis, which is one of the main active ingredients that has an antiseptic, soothing, antibacterial and antiviral effect, so it provides comfort and contributes to relieving nasal and sinus congestion.
- Lavender extract gives you a soothing effect and a feeling of comfort and refreshment.
- Saline solutions such as sodium chloride and sodium benzoate, which are antiseptic solutions that wash allergens and mucus and help moisturize and sterilize mucous membranes.
-  Moisturizers such as (glycerin, polysorbate and polyethylene glycol) have an effective effect in moisturizing the nose and relieving dryness that causes burning or itching and a feeling of pain, which contributes to a feeling of greater comfort.
Honey Nose product is your safe companion in winter nights and seasons of diseases in which flu and congestion abound, and it is your favorite alcohol-free alternative, to enjoy natural breathing and refreshment during the morning, and a quiet, comfortable sleep at night.


- It is best to be consumed within a month of opening
-  Shake the bottle before use
-  Keep in a well-ventilated place, away from sunlight, heat and moisture 
-  Store at room temperature
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