Protein Shake Super Mix 500g Dragon

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Protein Shake Super Mix 500g Dragon

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The Ingredients

A group of organic plant proteins, namely:
-  Rice protein
-  Pea protein
-  Hemp protein
-  Almond protein

The Uses

-  Rich in essential amino acids that are important for the body
-  Essential Amino Acids
-  Contribute to muscle building
-  Provides the body with energy and activity

How to use

Add 2 tablespoons daily, or 30 grams, to milk and enjoy a protein shake with a light, natural nutty taste.
The package contains 500 grams of protein powder

The Description

-  Vegan
-  Contains 70% complete protein
-  Dairy and casein free
-  dairy-free, casein-free
-  It does not contain sweeteners, sugar or artificial colors
- 100% organic
-  Raw
-  Manufactured with high quality
-  Produced by Dragon Superfoods Company
for healthy food.
Country of origin: European Union, Germany, Berlin
We offer you the organic vegetable protein mixture from Dragon Super Foods, as this product is characterized by containing 70% of complete protein, and it also provides all the essential amino acids that the body needs.
This product is made from the purest types of vegetable protein, which have been grown, extracted and produced in fertile farms under high quality control, and it is also gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, casein-free, artificial colors and flavors, which makes it ideal for athletes and vegetarians.
Vegetable proteins are characterized by their higher percentage of soluble fiber, plant sterols, and healthy fats, which contributes to lowering and not raising cholesterol levels compared to animal protein, which contains higher levels of saturated fats (as stated in a 2017 study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association )
Protein Shake is your safe and healthy vegan alternative to enjoy a more harmonious, energetic and energetic body, and to get your daily share of essential amino acids that are important for some vital processes in your body.


-  Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
-  Avoid taking the product if you are allergic to one of its ingredient
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