Eucalyptus Honey 1 kg Al-Majdal

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Eucalyptus Honey 1 kg Al-Majdal
The Ingredients
  • Raw natural honey (unfiltered) extracted by bees from the nectar of eucalyptus flowers
The Benefits
  • In addition to the well-known use of honey from the nectar of eucalyptus flowers and eucalyptus flowers in the treatment of colds, recent practical studies have indicated the efficiency and effectiveness of eucalyptus and eucalyptus honey in fighting colds, influenza and respiratory diseases, reducing excess mucus, relieving nasal congestion, and being a natural cough suppressant.
  • Boosts the immune system
  • We advise you to use eucalyptus honey to enhance your diet, as it is a rich source of vitamins such as: (vitamin C, group B vitamins, vitamin A, and vitamin D), and dietary minerals (iron, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, potassium, sulfur, and sodium).
  • Eucalyptus honey contains eucalyptol, which gives it multiple benefits, such as helping to regulate blood pressure, and it may improve blood lipid levels when taken in the permitted doses.
How to use
The scientific approach recommends:
  • Dissolve a food spoon in half a warm cup for adults, and half a food spoon for children. And drink an hour before meals.
  • Eat honey as desired to maintain general health
  • It can be used as a natural sweetener with drinks
The Description
  • Guaranteed natural honey
  • Raw, unfiltered honey (retains pollen and beeswax)
  • Not exposed to excessive heat
  • Strong and homogeneous
  • Free from chemical additives, food colorings and preservatives
  • High quality manufacturer within Jordanian quality, health and safety standards
  • Produced by Al-Majdal Company / Country of Origin: Jordan
  • Approximate package weight: 1 kg (1000 g)
Eucalyptus honey is considered one of the most distinctive types of honey due to its amber color, irresistible woody aroma, and unique sour taste, as it is considered the best choice for maintaining the health of the respiratory system.
  • Store at room temperature from 25-30 degrees Celsius
  • It is recommended to keep the product away from direct sunlight.
  • Natural honey may crystallize in cold weather. It is recommended to place the package in hot water (45 degrees Celsius) to return to its normal state.
  • It is recommended to eat honey within the recommended quantities
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