the pure Sesame oil   


- Contributes to coughing resistance when applied on the chest
- Rich in nutrients such as calcium and zinc
-This product is vegan, non-GMO, with no added chemicals, manufactured within local manufacturing standards

How to use

Eat a teaspoon daily to get its benefits, and it can be applied externally to the chest area for adults and children to relieve coughing attacks
The package contains 50 ml of sesame oil
Introducing Mayasm Sesame Oil, which is pure cold pressed oil at full concentration, meaning that all the active ingredients in the oil are guaranteed and present Sesame oil is known to be one of the richest oils in vitamin E, known for its ability to fight signs of aging and contribute to skin hydration when applied on the skin It has an effective role in resisting colds and coughs when applied to the chest It is also rich in calcium, zinc, phosphorous and vitamin D, which makes it of great benefit to the connective tissues in the body 

Disclaimer/ hold harmless

It is recommended to read the instructions, warnings and recommendations of the product before use and do not rely only on the information provided by us and consider the storage conditions of the products by adhering to their shelf life Any error resulting from not following the instructions is not the responsibility of Herbal Dynasty company
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