Organic Matcha Chai Blend Powder 125g Nature's Finest

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Organic Matcha Chai Blend Powder 125g Nature's Finest



- Matcha powder
- Cinnamon 
- Ginger
- Rice syrup powder (vegetable rice milk)

The Uses

- Supports the body and gives it activity and vitality
- Rich in vitamins and antioxidants
- Contributes to supporting and improving digestion
- It has a role in weight loss

How to Use

Put two teaspoons (10 g) of the powder in 200 ml of hot water or hot milk, stir well and drink. 
The package contains 125 gr.


This Product :
- Organic
- Vegan
- Without added sugars
- Manufactured within local manufacturing standards
- Produced by Nature's Finest in Slovenia

Natural Matcha tea product blended with cinnamon and ginger for maximum benefit. As Matcha is characterized as the highest quality part of the green tea plant, it is grown in the shade, which contributes to increasing the production of chlorophyll in its leaves, as well as containing higher levels of the amino acid lethanine compared to the well-known green tea, in addition to containing vitamin C. As for cinnamon, it contributes to supporting digestion, increases energy levels, and has a role in controlling fat and sugar levels in the blood. Ginger has been added, which is known to contribute to revitalizing the body, increasing energy and vitality, and strengthening the immune system and improving the burning processes in the body.
We offer you this unique blend of beneficial plants with its unique and rich taste, to enjoy your hot drink with the best nutritional value and without added sugars or preservatives.


- Keep in a cool, dry place
- Close the package tightly after each use
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