Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 400gm Clearspring
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 400gm Clearspring
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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 400gm Clearspring
Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 400gm Clearspring

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 400gm Clearspring

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Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 400gm Clearspring

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The Ingredients 

The organic Coconut Oil 100%

The Uses

- Strengthening hair
- Purifies and moisturizes the skin
- An effective role in strengthening and supporting the nervous system and memory
- It can be added as a flavoring to foods and drinks
- It has external uses to strengthen hair and moisturize the skin

How to use

- A spoonful of coconut oil is placed on the palm of the hand, melted (if it is in a state of crystallization), and then applied to the skin or hair roots.
-  a teaspoon is placed on a glass of your favorite drink to enjoy the multiple benefits and taste
The package contains 400 grams of oil

The Description

- Organic
- Vegan
- Gluten free
- Raw, unpasteurised
- Awarded Great Taste 2013
- Manufactured with high quality by Clearspring
- Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Coconut Oil from Clisprung is a pure, cold-pressed, organic oil with a whole concentration of fresh coconuts, meaning that all the active ingredients in the oil are guaranteed and present. Coconut oil has been known for its effectiveness, as it is an essential ingredient in many internal and external cosmetic recipes for hair. It helps prevent hair loss, nourishes it, and promotes scalp health.
It also has an effective role in moisturizing the skin, as it is rich in saturated fats and medium-chain fatty acids, especially Lauric Acid. A study conducted on a number of people with dry skin indicated that coconut oil effectively helped moisturize the skin and reduce dryness, in addition to that it contributed to the treatment of skin eczema for some.
Coconut oil can be used internally because it contains some natural nutrients in addition to MCTs molecules that contribute to improving brain function so that they are broken down by the liver and converted into ketones, which can act as an alternative energy source for the brain, and some recent research has indicated the role of ketones in Nourishing the brain and reducing signs of aging and dementia
Coconut oil can be used as a healthy and safe alternative to cooking oils, as it can be heated up to a temperature of 180 degrees


- Store in a dry place away from moisture
- Close the packaging tightly after each use


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