Essential Oil Shampoo 250ml Dr.Hilo

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Essential Oil Shampoo 250ml Dr.Hilo


- Lemon Oil
- Tea Tree Oil
- Eucalyptus Oil  

The Uses

- Contributes to reducing the problem of head lice  
- Contributes to alleviating bacterial and fungal infections in the scalp  
- Contributes to nourishing the hair and strengthening the follicles  
- Natural product, free of parabens, manufactured within local manufacturing standards,
 Manufacture by Dr.Hilo natural product / Jordan.


The Usage

Put a teaspoon of shampoo in the palm of the hand, then rub the hair well and leave for 5 minutes, then rinse with warm water Repeat the process several times a week
The capacity 250ml  
Dr.Hilo essential oil shampoo contains natural oils that have been used in the past and have proven effective for the prevention and treatment of head fungus and head lice problems Therefore, this product is very useful for school students who may suffer from recurrent lice infection to prevent the problem and reduce its recurrence Eucalyptus and tea tree oils are also known for their moisturizing ability, so this shampoo is suitable for dry and damaged hair and helps restore, nourish and build frizzy and brittle hair It has an effective role in preventing and reducing hair loss because it contains nutrients and beneficial substances for the scalp  


- Avoid contact with eyes
- keep away from the reach of the children
- Avoid applying shampoo directly to cuts and burns


It is recommended to read the instructions, warnings and recommendations of the product before use and do not rely only on the information provided by us and consider the storage conditions of the products by adhering to their shelf life Any error resulting from not following the instructions is not the responsibility of Herbal Dynasty company
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