Active ingredients

- Vitamin C  60 mg

- Vitamin B1  1.2 mg

- Vitamin B2  1.3 mg

- Vitamin B3  16 mg

- Vitamin B6   1.4 mg

- Vitamin B 12 (2.4 micrograms)

- Pantothenic acid   5 mg

- Iron   10 mg

- Brewer's Yeast 100 mg

- Ginkgo biloba   25 mg

The Uses

- Memory supports

-  Macules and general health support 

- Contributes to improving blood circulation, especially for diabetic patients

How to use

For adults, one tablet daily with a meal

The package contains 30 tablets


This product is a
- Nutritional supplement,
- Manufactured within the international manufacturing standards of the producing company
- Made in America by a company Arnet Pharmaceutical Carp / Florida

- imported by Lilium Drug Store

Neuromax is a food supplement that contains a premium combination of vitamins and nutrients

where it contains:

1. Ascorbic acid is known as vitamin C, a vitamin necessary for the growth, development and repair of body tissues. It is involved in many body functions, including collagen formation, iron absorption, proper immune system functioning, and support for bone and muscle health. It has antioxidant properties that protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.

2. Vitamin B group, which has multiple benefits for the brain and mental abilities, as studies have indicated that vitamin B (particularly B6 and B12) is closely related to homocysteine levels.

Homocysteine It is found in the plasma, thus reducing the risk of cognitive decline and maintaining a healthy and active brain.

The B vitamins also have an effective role in strengthening and supporting nerve cells and increasing the blood supply to the extremities, which limits the problems of diabetic foot and the accompanying cold extremities.

3. Brewer's yeast is a source of some vitamins and proteins contributes to supporting and revitalizing the body, in addition to supporting the health of the digestive system.

4. Ginkgo Biloba or known as ginkgo, as it contributes to strengthening and revitalizing the memory, as the ginkgo allows the passage of a greater proportion of oxygen to some inactive parts of the brain, and thus increases the person's concentration rate and may contribute to relieving stress and anxiety.

5. Iron is important in the formation of the hemoglobin protein responsible for transporting oxygen to all cells of the body, in addition to its role in increasing the strength of blood and strengthening the body, and reducing the problems of anemia and the accompanying lethargy and general fatigue.

These ingredients were collected in a unique formula and tested in scientific laboratories with the expertise of American pharmacists and doctors, we offer you to make life more efficient and energetic, away from distraction, forgetfulness and

Anxiety, and make it full of strength, vigor and health.

This product is suitable for strengthening the memory of students, the elderly


- Store at room temperature, away from moisture and direct sunlight

- It is preferable not to take this product with iron supplements except under medical supervision to avoid getting an overdose of iron.


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