Bio Mg +2 ( 150mg ) 30 Capsules Bio Energy

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Bio Mg +2 ( 150mg ) 30 Capsules Bio Energy

The ingredients

Magnesium Glycinate (150 mg) 

The Uses

- Supports overall health
- To compensate for the Magnesium deficiency in the body
- A natural product, free of Non - GMO, manufactured within local manufacturing standards, and registered by the Jordan Food and Drug Corporation Produced by Bio Energy in Jordan 

How to Use

One capsule twice daily after main meals or as advised by a healthcare provider The package contains 30 capsules   Magnesium is one of the most abundant essential minerals in the body It is stored mainly in the bones with a small amount circulating in the bloodstream Magnesium plays a role in many reactions in the body and these interactions affect a number of very important body processes such as protein production, DNA production, and transmission of nerve signals between muscles and nerves A severe deficiency in magnesium may lead to weakness, general weakness, muscle cramps or numbness in the extremities, and sometimes heart rhythm disturbances Therefore, magnesium is important for regulating vital processes in the body It is also important for pregnant and lactating women and supports the healthy development of the fetus 

The Warning

- Avoid taking it with diuretics and muscle relaxants
- Store at a temperature below 25°C, away from direct sunlight
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