The ingredients

- Papaya Fruit (3 mg)
- Papain Enzyme (30 mg)
- Bromelain (40 mg)
- Red Blackberry Leaf (300 mg)   

The Uses

- Anti-Oxidant
- Supports cardiovascular health
- A natural, botanical product, free of Non - GMO, manufactured within local manufacturing standards, and registered by the Jordan Food and Drug Corporation
Produced by Bio Energy in Jordan       

How to Use

 2-3 capsules daily before a meal, or as directed by a healthcare provider
The package contains 60 capsules   


Papaya is a tropical fruit specialized with unique color and sweet taste.
This fruit consists from natural fats considers as vital in restoration and strengthen the cartilage like Omega 3&2, and it has some of the essential nutrition elements like folic acid, vitamin a, vitamin c, magnesium, calcium which works definitely in increasing the effectiveness at supporting the whole body health. Papaya fruit has also carotene which is anti-oxidant helps in restriction of free radicals in the body thus reducing oxidative stress so that the body enjoys better health.
Some studies and experiments proved that having Papaya on regular basis reducing the Constipation, bloating and other symptoms associated with digestive problems and irritable bowel syndrome because it contains the enzyme papain, which helps in the digestion of proteins in addition to containing high levels of fiber and water.  
Bio Papaya Plus product contains natural papaya fruit and digestive enzymes (papain and bromelain) in addition to the leaves of the red blackberry. This distinctive combination of natural materials has an effective role in facilitating and improving the digestion process, expelling gases and eliminating digestive problems.
Some women may use papaya to facilitate the process of natural childbirth and to facilitate labor in the last month of pregnancy, as it contains substances that help in the process of uterine contraction.   

The Warning

- Papaya is unsafe during pregnancy
- Store at a temperature below 25 degrees Celsius, away from direct sunlight
- Keep away from the reach of the children
- It is not recommended to take the product if you are allergic to one of its ingredients

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