Bio Energy Bio Joints 60tab

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Bio Energy Bio Joints 60tab

The Ingredients

  •   Glucosamine HCL ,  500 mg
  •   Chondroitin ,  400 mg
  •   Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) , 150 mg
  •   Collagen Type II , 100 mg
  •   Hyaluronic acid , 10 mg

The Uses

  • Supports joint and bone health
  • Supports softness and ease of movement of the joint
  • Relieves rheumatic infections and joint pain

How to use

One tablet twice daily with a meal

The package capacity is 60 capsules

Product Description

  •   Free of Non - GMO
  •   Licensed by the Jordanian Food and Drug Administration
  •    Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration
  •    Produced by Bioenergy Technologies Company / Jordan


Many people may face problems related to joint pain and difficulty in movement due to advanced age or exposure to movement or pathological conditions that lead to inflammation or roughness in the joints.


Bio Joint product contains a distinct formula, it consists of:

- Glucosamine, which improves joint health and contributes to the restoration and rebuilding of eroded cartilage. Glucosamine and chondroitin provide both the basic building materials for the formation of healthy cartilage, which has flexibility in movement.


- MSM is an important and safe source of rapidly absorbable organic sulfur, which is an important vital element for the safety of joints, muscles, ligaments and cartilage, as it is involved in the synthesis of proteins necessary for the tissues of the musculoskeletal system. SM is also involved in the synthesis of collagen, which maintains joint flexibility and health


- Type II Collagen : It is a protein that forms part of cartilage, bone, and other types of connective tissues in the human body. Therefore, it is considered an important substance that protects against osteoporosis and contributes to improving the health of cartilage and joints. Some experiments have indicated that type II collagen may work by making the body It produces certain substances that fight pain and swelling in the joints, which helps ease movement.


- Hyaluronic acid: Contributes to alleviating joint pain when taken orally or by injection, in order to play an important role in the properties of flexibility and viscosity in the synovial fluid (which is the fluid present in the joint spaces that prevents the occurrence of painful bone frictions)

As taking nutritional supplements that contain this acid can restore the effective properties of the synovial fluid, thus increasing the flexibility of movement and the ability to relieve pain. This natural food supplement is important and effective for athletes, the elderly, and people suffering from rheumatic pain.


  •   It is advised to consult a doctor before consuming the product in case of pregnancy and lactation
  •   It is recommended to consult a doctor and stop taking the product in the event of unwanted signs appearing or if there is an allergy to one of its components
  •  Store at a cool temperature
  • Keep away from the reach of the children
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