The Ingredients

- Bearberry extract  ( Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) 450 mg
- Lactose monohydrate
- Magnesium citrate
- Methylene blue

The Uses

- Maintains the ability of the kidneys to carry out their normal functions
- Contributes to the removal of harmful substances, toxic products, and excess or foreign substances in the urinary system
- Supports the health of the urinary system
- Supports the excretory function of the kidneys

How to use

- For children from 12 to 16 years:
1 capsule daily, after a meal, with plenty of water
- Adults:
One capsule twice daily after meals with plenty of water
The product is used until the symptoms disappear, provided that the period of use does not exceed 14 days.

The Description

- Natural
- Free from artificial colors and Non - GMO
- High quality factory
The package contains 10 capsules
- Produced by Fettermann Pharma
- Country of origin: Romania
If you feel the symptoms of a urinary tract infection such as pain, frequent urination and irritation, and you want to find a natural, effective and safe solution, then Uractive Forte is for you.
Uractive Forte (capsules) contains the ideal concentration for daily use. It has been produced with a special technological mechanism, which guarantees high levels of active substances in the bearberry plant such as:- 
-  Arbutin
-  Uroleic acid
-  Tannic acid
-  Gallic acid
-  Essential oils
-  Resins
-  Hydroquinone
-  Tannin (tannins)
-  Phenolic glycosides
-  Flavonoids
The bearberry plant, with its effective combinations, has been used since ancient times to help treat urinary tract problems.
 Mountsinai scientific blog has published that the bearberry plant has the ability to fight infections in the urinary system, due to the compounds it contains, arbutin and hydroquinone. The plant also contains tannin, which has astringent effects that help shrink and tighten the mucous membranes in the body. This, in turn, helps reduce inflammation and fight infection.
 Magnesium also has a role in calming and relieving spasms of the smooth muscles of the urinary system, which helps relieve pain.
The composition of Uractive Fort of magnesium and the bearberry plant gave it distinctive and effective properties in removing water from the body by increasing the flow of urine and relieving the discomfort and pain associated with urinary tract and bladder infections, and contributing to preventing their recurrence.

The Warning

- It is forbidden to use the product in case of nervous disorders in the digestive system, in case of urinary acidity
- This product may interfere with products that cause acidity of the urine when given concomitantly
- This product should not be given before or 1-2 hours after taking iron products.
CAUTION: Urine may turn blue or green during use due to methylene blue or arbutin metabolites.
- It is not recommended to use this product by people who suffer from hypersensitivity to any of its components
- It is not recommended to use it during pregnancy and lactation due to the absence of information regarding the safety of this product on these groups
- Store in a cool, dry place below 30°
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