- Tribulus plant
- radish seed, Boerhavia plant
- bacumbian bergamot  


- Relieves urinary tract infection
- It has a role in dissolving kidney and bladder stones  
- This product is herbal, safe, free from artificial colourings, manufactured with high quality within the manufacturing standards in the producing country, produced by Vasu Company in India 

How to use

2-3 tablespoon on daily basis or based on the healthcare provider
Bottle capacity 200 ml     
Vasu Vaural syrup is a herbal drink that consists of a rich, useful and effective formula, where thistle and radish seeds have been used in many civilizations to support the health of the urinary system and Preventing plaque buildup   Therefore, this product helps relieve urinary tract infection, burning urine resulting from urinary tract infections, and has a role in dissolving deposits and stones heaped up on the kidneys and bladder, and preserving the health of the urinary system in general It is safe for ages 6 and up  


- If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, you should consult your doctor before consuming the product
- Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight  


It is recommended to read the instructions, warnings and recommendations of the product before use and do not rely only on the information provided by us and consider the storage conditions of the products by adhering to their shelf life Any error resulting from not following the instructions is not the responsibility of Herbal Dynasty company
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