The Ingredients

- Propolis extract 
- Chamomile extract 
- Petrolatum
- Glycerin
- Lanolin cera
- Propylene glycol

The Uses

-  Helps relieve pain, irritation and itching of the anus and hemorrhoids
-  Relieves difficulty in defecation accompanied by constipation
-  Contributes to the protection of the sensitive membrane of the rectum

How to use

The ointment is placed on the anal area after cleaning it well twice a day using the tube designated for that (after removing the condom from it and placing it instead of the cap on the packaging). After completion of use, remove the tube from the packaging and close it with the cap, clean the tube well with water, dry it and close it with the condom.
Net weight 40 gram

Product Description

-   Medicinal product
-  Ointment contains natural ingredients
-   High quality factory, produced for the brand apipharma
-   Country of origin: Croatia / European Union
Rectonal ointment contains a unique combination of non-alcoholic extracts such as:
- Propolis and chamomile extract, as many studies indicated the effectiveness of propolis (propolis) as an antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral, and chamomile has antiseptic, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes them have an effective role in relieving the pain of hemorrhoids and contributing to accelerating their recovery and healing.
- Lanolin, Vaseline, Glycerin, and Propylene Glycol are among the most powerful moisturizing substances that help protect against dryness and flaking of the skin. These moisturizers form a thin protective fatty layer on the upper part of the skin (or the part lining the hemorrhoid area), trapping water in it and protecting it from contamination that may occur. Occurs when urinating, protecting the sensitive rectal mucosa from irritation or inflammation causing itching and pain.
The product is recommended for use in case of difficult and irregular defecation, usually accompanied by hard stools (in children, pregnant women and people of other age groups), in case of itching, irritation and minor injuries of the anus, or when inserting a rectal thermometer or enema during a rectal examination.


-  For external use only
-  Do not use the product in the event of an allergy to its components
-  Store in a cool, dry and dark place at a temperature of 10-25°C
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