The ingredients

- Maca powder 400mg
- Bitter Melon powder 250mg
- Cinnamon powder 150 mg
- Salvia powder 75 mg  

The Uses

- Contributes to reducing insulin resistance
- Contributes to regulating the action of hormones
- A natural product free from chemicals and Non - GMO Manufactured within the international manufacturing standards of the producing company American product  

How to Use

One capsule daily, or as directed by a healthcare provider
The package contains 60 capsules  


Sulfate consists of a distinctive combination of medicinal plants, where these components work together to regulate hormones and return them to their normal levels in the body, especially androgen hormone, the male hormone responsible for polycystic ovaries Therefore, this nutritional supplement helps relieve the symptoms and problems of polycystic ovaries, and it can also be used for cases of insulin resistance due to its rich, natural, useful and safe ingredients  

The Warning

- Store at a temperature below 25°C, away from direct sunlight
- Keep away from the reach of the children
- It is not recommended to use the product if you are allergic to one of its ingredients


It is recommended to read the instructions, warnings and recommendations of the product before use and do not rely only on the information provided by us and consider the storage conditions of the products by adhering to their shelf life Any error resulting from not following the instructions is not the responsibility of Herbal Dynasty company
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