The Ingredients

- Wheat germ extract
- Natural honey

The Uses

- Wheat germ contains a number of minerals that help revitalize and strengthen the body
- Contributes to moving and improving bowel performance, and relieving constipation problems

How to use

Take one sachet daily in the morning on an empty stomach, or as prescribed by a healthcare provider. The package contains 28 sachets.

The Description

- Vegan
- Free from preservatives and artificial colours
- Manufactured within the quality and manufacturing standards in the producing country.
- Licensed by the Jordanian Food and Drug Administration
- Country of origin: Jordan
Wheat germ is that small part of the wheat grain that germinates and grows to form a new plant.
This part of wheat is rich in many concentrated benefits. It contains a variety of minerals that help your body perform various functions, such as zinc, potassium, magnesium and phosphorous, in addition to antioxidants. And some vitamins, such as vitamin B and vitamin E.
These substances contribute to strengthening the body's immunity, purifying it from toxins, and providing it with important elements to maintain its health.
 Wheat germ also contains a percentage of dietary fiber that contributes to softening the intestines, which makes it have an effective role in relieving chronic constipation and improving the performance of the digestive system in general, and it is known that a diet rich in fiber also helps regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels as well.
Honey has been added to the wheat germ because honey has many benefits on the level of health and body, and for its delicious and  rich taste.


-  Not suitable for patients with wheat allergy
-  It is preferable to consult a doctor in case of pregnancy and breastfeeding
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