Dragon Chlorella Powder 200g

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Dragon Chlorella Powder 200g

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The Ingredients

Organic Chlorella Algae Powder

The Uses

-   Chlorella is a multi-beneficial food rich in nutritious proteins and vitamins, and contains all nine essential amino acids
-   Alkaline food, and a natural source of chlorophyll
-   Anti-toxin, and has a role in supporting liver functions
-   Contributes to protecting the body from the effects of pollution and radiation
Suggested dose
Take one teaspoon once daily with juice or water
Package weight 200 gr

The Description

-  Organic
-   Raw
-   Free of gluten and chemical additives
-   Manufactured with high quality 
-   Produced by Dragon Super Food Company Dragon Superfoods for healthy food.
-   Country of origin: European Union, Bulgaria, Sofia
Chlorella is a single-celled microscopic plant that grows in fresh water, and the abundance of chlorophyll in it gives it a double benefit and a beautiful saturated emerald green color from the picturesque color of nature.
It is considered a superfood rich in nutrients, as it contains complete proteins and amino acids by 50-60%, in addition to a group of vitamins including (vitamin A and vitamin B group), and minerals such as zinc, iron and magnesium.
 Chlorella algae is also rich in antioxidants and is considered an alkaline detoxifying food that contributes to purifying the body from the effects of pollution and the deposition of heavy metals in the body such as mercury and arsenic, and also contributes to supporting liver function. Dragon Superfoods Chlorella Powder is produced by the single-celled blue-green algae Chlorella vulgaris and sourced from the purest sources found in the South China Sea. Chlorella is grown in filtered and natural water under strict controls, ensuring its high quality.
Processed with advanced quality-preserving methods, the cell wall is broken using high-impact jet spraying - a gentle method that preserves the materials in the cells - and results in a dried powder that is easy to digest and use.
Nutritionists advise adding alkaline foods to the daily health system, so chlorella may be your appropriate alternative and your perfect choice to add it to your diet to enjoy a healthy, energetic body full of vitality and free of toxins.


Avoid using the product if you are allergic to its ingredients
Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Close the packaging tightly after each use
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