- Plant Galactomannan
- Calcium Carbonate
- Sodium Bicarbonate
- Sodium Hyaluronate
- Stevia Rebaudiana extract

The Uses

- Contributes to alleviating reflux or esophageal reflux
- Helps in reducing the symptoms of acidity or acid reflux in the stomach
- Relieves heartburn and chest pain

How to use

This medicine is taken orally, and it is a strip (oral sticks) that is placed on the tongue and completely dissolved by saliva.
Preferably take 1-2 sachets daily after main meals and before bed
The package contains 20 sachets

Product Description

This product contains
- Natural ingredients, which are safe and effective
- Free of sugar, gluten and lactose
- Free of Non - GMO
- Manufactured for the Achillea Supporting Life brand
- The mechanism of action of the product has been proven experimentally through documented laboratory studies.
Reflage product contains a unique and new formula, these ingredients contribute to alleviating the problems of gastroesophageal reflux, which is a common disorder that occurs when the stomach content flows back into the esophagus, and because of its acidity and irritating components, it may cause damage to the mucous membrane of the esophagus, and the emergence of disturbing symptoms such as acid reflux Burning, chest pain or irritation, dry cough.
So this formula was created with its effective ingredients
Where :
1. The galactomannan compound extracted from the plant contributes to resisting the enzymatic degradation that occurs in the stomach and binds to the content of the stomach, quickly forming a layer of gel (or gel) that acts as a natural barrier against the reflux of food, so that this layer becomes present in the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) and prevents the content of the stomach acid from reflux into the esophagus providing effective symptomatic relief.

Calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate contribute to reducing the hyperacidity of the stomach and thus relieving the symptoms associated with this problem.

Hyaluronic acid provides a protective effect on the mucous membranes in the stomach, which contributes to protecting them from infections or ulcers that occur in the walls of the stomach.
4. The product was sweetened with Stevia leaf extract, as it is considered a natural sweetener that does not contain calories, in addition to containing antioxidant properties and contributing to weight loss.
Eating a Revelge product will give you safe protection, with natural ingredients, to get rid of the annoying symptoms that may affect you after eating, and you will feel great relief that lasts all day.


- It is preferable to consult a health care provider before consuming the product in case of pregnancy and lactation
- It is preferable to consult a specialist before giving it to children under the age of 12
- Do not exceed the specified dose
- Do not expose the product to high heat or freezing, as this will damage it
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